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Free Football Prediction League Game

Prediction League Rules for 2024

Each prediction league (including the FA Premier League) is regulated by the following rules in 2024.

Points Scoring

Points are awarded accordingly:

The Correct Result and Correct Outcome will be determined at the end of normal match play ( 90 Mins + extra time). For prediction leagues that have knock-out stages, penalty results are not considered when calculating the points scored.

Scores have to be entered before the kick off time stated for each fixture, if you fail to do this, the option to enter the score will be greyed out and you will automatically get 0 Pts.

In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Last Place, the position will be awarded based on the most Correct Results. If this is also a tie, then it will go to the most Correct Outcomes. If the position can still not be determined at this point, then it will go to a coin toss (best of three).